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Piece concept (comment from the artist at the time of selection)
Uncountable specs of light float in the darkness as you wonder whether they are near or far; still or in motion. These inexplicably beautiful lights hover at a standstill, yet appear to be moving, and it appears possible to reach out and grab them when actually you can't. They shake the viewer's perception and relax their senses. This exhibit is in the dark with nothing to use for comparison and hurls viewers into some distant space, leaving them unsure of where they are or how big a space they are in. It acts as an escape from their everyday life, and before they know it, they have thrown off the form given to their body. And what remains? The memories which slumber deep within us—buried by our everyday lives—as they come to light.
Piece introduction
A box-shaped piece is installed in the cube with numerous specs of light floating in darkness, not letting viewers get a grasp of their distance.
The viewer's perception is shaken as they sense they've been hurled into the cosmos, releasing them from gravity and size to awaken the sleeping memories deep within them.

Artist introduction video

Piece introduction video

chuchu (Based out of Aichi and Kyoto)
Takes part in a foreign exchange program at the Iceland University of the Arts, Iceland
Graduates from the Sculpture Department in the University of Southampton Winchester School of Art's Faculty of Fine Arts, UK
Becomes active as "chuchu"
Holds the "Beginning of the Beginning" exhibition at the Kamoe Art Center in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka
Wins an encouragement award at the 54th Kanagawa Art Exhibition, Kanagawa
Holds the "become water" exhibition for the Co-program's Category C at the Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
Holds "chuchu's A Park in the Sea" exhibition at the Kamoe Art Center in the City of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka