Exhibiting Artists

  • Our dog we don't know
  • KAWASUMI Gakudai
Our dog we don't know
Piece concept (comment from the artist at the time of selection)
I've drawn lots of dogs to the present. When I say "dogs", there is a certain motif to it. There are times when I look at a dog from behind and I feel a sensation like I am going inside of it and can see through its eyes. I gain a brand new perception which fully acknowledges that I am simply observing what it sees. I would like to make pictures showing this. Memories of course come from a source, but if you could gain a brand new point of view, the source might not matter much for those memories. I believe that's one of the ways memories exist.
Piece introduction
I partook in an artist residency as I looked through the eyes of a dog and am making an exhibition space devoted to those perceptions.
This piece goes beyond new perceptions to examine the way memories exist.
KAWASUMI Gakudai (Based out of Saitama)
Born in Aichi
Graduates from Aichi University of the Arts with a major in oil painting from the Faculty of Art's Department of Fine Arts
Takes part in the Something of Painting Exhibition at MAT, Nagoya; Aichi
Takes part in the VOCA Exhibition 2017 at the Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
Holds the "ki →" exhibition at florist-gallery N, Aichi
Completes studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Art's Graduate School
Holds the "Rhythm of Timing" exhibition at Fresh, Saitama
Takes part in the Beyond the Reasons Exhibition at Komagome SOKO, Tokyo