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  • Law of conservation of mass
Law of conservation of mass
Piece concept (comment from the artist at the time of selection)
I'd like you to recall a certain phrase: the law of conservation of mass. This is a scientific law stating that the total mass before and after a chemical reaction occurs is the same. Keeping this in mind, I'd like you to place yourself inside a giant beaker as a reaction unfolds. There you are in the woods as they stand at a certain point in time and, at another time, on the outskirts of a high-rise city. For those living in each of these times, their environment is absolute. However, they are not forever as, over eons, they inevitably do change. There is something within which does not change though: the continuation of that environment's quality and quantity in a fixed state even as the people living there change. This occurrence is repeated as long as people live. And even after people have disappeared from this Earth, this law will go on existing.
Piece introduction
Plastic bags are inflated like balloons two different scenes inside are created: one with a forest and one with skyscrapers. The piece illustrates the law of conservation of mass by continuously preserving the quality and quantity of the environments in a fixed state inside.

Artist introduction video

Piece introduction video

KITAGAWA Jun (Based out of Kanagawa)
Born in Aichi
Holds a balloon installation exhibition after the idea of putting a balloon into a T-shirt
Wins an encouragement award at the Kirin Art Award 2003, Tokyo/Osaka
Wins Grand Prize at the Odawara City Street Art Competition, Kanagawa
Wins the Semi Grand Prize at Rokko Meets Art, Hyogo
Active as a "Big Balloon Artist" with his balloons becoming progressively bigger