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  • Phantom container
  • TAKAHASHI Rintaro
Phantom container
Piece concept (comment from the artist at the time of selection)
An organism's body is like a container meant to hold that life's existence in the world—acting as a shield between us and the world. The shapes of those containers are what make us unique. When considering this, something that caught my attention is phantom limb. Phantom limb is a phenomenon where someone who has lost an arm or leg feels intense pain or just the existence of that limb even though they shouldn't. We can imagine a lost body part with a memory from nowhere. Memories have no shape, but indeed are given one within our minds by our imagination. My piece sympathizes with the memory of a body part without a shape as if assuring it, and gives it form.
Piece introduction
This piece illustrates the lost body part of someone with phantom limb (the sensation of a lost limb still existing) inside the cube.
It brings back to life the memory of the body part which has been lost.

Artist introduction video

Piece introduction video

TAKAHASHI Rintaro (Based out of Tokyo)
Born in Tokyo
Takes part in the Sea Side Pool Side Exhibition at Inage Sunset Beach Park Pool, Chiba
Takes part in the Mother Exhibition at Model Room, Tokyo
Takes part in the Social Concrete Exhibition at WK Gallery, Tokyo
Takes part in the PLAY OUTSIDE Exhibition at the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Chiba
Holds the "scale hi(ə)r" exhibition at BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo
Enrolled in a doctoral program at Tokyo University of the Art's Graduate School