Exhibiting Artists

  • Sounds of Memory
  • TAKENAKA Miyuki
Sounds of Memory
Piece concept (comment from the artist at the time of selection)
I'm creating this piece mainly with transparent materials. Transparent things themselves don't have much of a presence, and that's why I'd like to offer them some attention through their exhibition. Things that are transparent exist in a subtle manner and let you look through into the world. But with a bit of color, they slightly change the way you view the normal scenery on the other side and add color to the monochrome world of light and shadow. I utilize reversal film used in movies shown at movie theaters for my piece. In a movie theater, the light from the projector tells a story on the screen as dust dances through the air, but we watch the light through the story. I became interested in the disappearing media that is film, and incorporated it into the piece as a material that archives and makes memories in a new way.
Piece introduction
This is an installation created from light and movie film showing a score of various everyday sounds (mainly indicating time) put down as musical notes. The piece makes sound visible, and by developing it on film, past memories become new stories.

Piece introduction video

TAKENAKA Miyuki (Based out of Tokyo)
Born in Gifu
Attends Tama Art University and majors in oil painting in the Faculty of Art and Design's Department of Painting
Completes Tama Art University's Graduate School of Art and Design with a major in painting
Wins third place at the Nokia Arts Awards Asia Pacific Exhibition 2000, South Korea (award location)
Wins the Wonder Wall Award at Tokyo Wonder Wall, Tokyo
Wins an encouragement award from Atsuhiko Shima, judge at the Shell Art Award; Tokyo
Takes part in Quintet IV: Five-Star Artists at the Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art, Tokyo
Holds the "New Story" exhibit at Art Front Gallery, Tokyo
Showing paintings using empty space, pieces incorporating light and shadow through acrylic plates and transparent resins, and recently, pieces exposing and developing film used in movies. In 2017, created a 30-meter wall mural in Beijing.