Exhibiting Artists

  • Light NOW—Right NOW
  • W.N.project
Light NOW—Right NOW
Piece concept (comment from the artist at the time of selection)
We've created a camera obscura about one-third the size of the actual cube with two holes; one in the ceiling and one in a wall. It coincides with an experiment to be held during the same time as this exhibition's period next year. The hole in the wall reflects the outside scenery, buildings and trees, cars driving, as well as people. Depending on the weather, the drifting clouds will also be reflected. In the implementation stage, we plan to splatter phosphorescent paint on the empty area where the image is reflected to emulate a starlit sky. Direct sunlight will pour in from the hole in the ceiling. Gradation from the sun's rays will show when the light coming in penetrates the surface of the paint, creating a scene like the Milky Way. If you think about it, when the morning comes, you may not be able to see the stars, but they are always there in space. Well, they may already be dead, but the fact is their light continues to shine over to us eons later. Starlight itself is a thing of the past, and we who gaze upon its shimmer are witnesses to where the memory of it goes. Direct sunlight travels at an incredible speed and as a result, we know that every moment too passes at an astonishing rate. The way in which its path changes by day is also dumbfounding. Every moment of everyday, the world is being rewritten. The present soon becomes the past; things dissipate and reaccumulate. At the same time, the future is constantly moving forward, and we can never keep pace with it. Or is it that we exist in a future in the eyes of the past? Light NOW—Right NOW gives time a visible form using light and is set up to let us see right now and search for the answer to where memories go.
Piece introduction
This piece consists of a camera obscura (dark room) with two holes: One in the ceiling and one in a wall. The outside scenery and sky are reflected on the inside, and the path of the sun's rays make time visible. With time able to be seen, this piece lets us see right now and search for the answer to where memories go.

Artist introduction video

Piece introduction video

W.N.project (Based out of Aichi)
Begins collaboration as a unit made up of Hisaya Kojima and Rica Eto
Establishes L gallery
Hisaya Kojima's and Rica Eto's unit takes the name "W.N.project"
Takes part in the "Here? There? Where?" 2014 children's summer vacation program at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi
Holds the "MAGICAL MIRACLE CERAMIC" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu; Gifu
Takes part in the A Walk Through Time and Space: Spectacles Which Should Not Be Exhibition at Okazaki Cibico, Aichi
Holds the "Critical Point: True Colors of The Ghost" exhibition at Contemporary Art and Spirits (CAS), Osaka
Takes part in Windshield Time—From My Windshield: Contemporary Art in Toyota, for the Aichi Triennale Regional Development Project at Kirakutei; Aichi