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  • Yuni Hong Charpe
Piece concept (comment from the artist at the time of selection)
There are memories that stay inside you and wither away, and then there are memories that live on when passed to another. Memories that have been conveyed to another are then repeated in a new form different from the original. I currently hold French citizenship, but my mother language is Japanese and I was born Korean Japanese. The memories from these countries live on in me without the influence of nationalism from each country.
For example, I speak French as I describe memories made in Japanese (and my French then has a strong Japanese accent to it). The muscles I used in my mouth when I spoke Japanese in the past try to repeat the way they used to move regardless of the country I live in. It's the same as when I was in elementary school learning Korean dance: Although I'm no longer Korean Japanese, my muscles still remember the dances (of course the dances probably aren't spot-on compared to the originals since I don't remember every part). How are the memories engraved in you regarding a country passed on to others after a shift due to your relocation? If they are forgotten, how so?
For this project, I wanted to chase the repetitions of memories from places in the past as they diverge. The two examples above gave me the idea to create video pieces shown together in the cube. In front of you when you enter, a child born and raised in France says to their mother, an artist, "I will create art" with perfect pronunciation and no Japanese accent in a video. On both sides, videos show dancers performing a Korean dance, conveying to one another and doing the movements like in a game of telephone.
Piece introduction
The piece projects a video of a mother and child's conversation in French and videos of dancers performing fragmented pieces of a Korean dance.
It chases after the path of my memories as a Korean Japanese to my current life in France.

Artist introduction video

Piece introduction video

Yuni Hong Charpe (Based out of France)
Born in Tokyo
Graduates from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy
Wins Grand Prize at Mulhouse 015: La Biennale de la Jeune Création Contemporaine, France
Wins the Atsuhiko Shima Prize for the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art's Open Call for Art Project Ideas, Hiroshima
Takes part in the 100% Festival at the Parc de la Villette, France
Takes part in an artist residency at the CND (Centre National de la Danse), France
Takes part in the 65e Salon de Montrouge in Le Beffroi, France
Working mainly in France with an emphasis on performance