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Artwork Application

Theme for the third competition:
“REAL” no yukue (Where “REALITY” Goes)

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed society and lifestyles. Rapidly evolving digital technologies have penetrated deep into our daily lives. Meeting and talking with other people, doing one’s job, appreciating artworks, and enjoying entertainment in cyberspace have become the norm. Our “reality,” which was previously taken for granted, is changing dramatically.

At this turning point in human history, what is the significance of “reality” for us and where will “reality” go? We hope to revisit art, which is part of human activities, from the viewpoint of “reality” in various aspects, such as the global environment and the media environment, truth and fiction, and our life and death.

The Art Award IN THE CUBE 2023, which is the third exhibition, will offer an opportunity to discover “reality” and its future in joroku*1 cubes, which measure about five meters on each side.

*1 )
Legend says that the Buddha was ichi-jo-roku-shaku, or about 4.8 m, tall. For this reason, some statues of the Buddha were created in joroku size. For this exhibition, we adopted joroku as the size of the cubicle, inspired by the theme of AAIC2017, “Shintai no Yukue (Whereabouts of the Body).”
Open call period
December 24 (Fri.) 2021
to no later than 17:00, May 16 (Mon.) 2022


Reception of applications
December 24 (Fri.) 2021 to no later than 17:00, May 16 (Mon.) 2022
Preliminary selection
Mid-June 2022
Primary selection
Late September 2022
Announcement of the primary selection results
Mid-October 2022
Preliminary production of exhibits
Mid-October 2022 to Late March 2023
Installation of exhibits
Late March to Early April 2023
Secondary selection
Early April 2023
Announcement of the secondary selection results
Mid-April 2023
Exhibition period
April 22 (Sat.) to June 18 (Sun.) 2023 (Open for 50 days (planned))

Support for Production

  • 1.Prize money (500,000 yen) will be awarded to artists of selected artworks.
  • 2.Technical consultation related to work creation and exhibition will be provided.
  • 3.External contractors (e.g., companies and groups in Gifu Prefecture) will be introduced for production and exhibition of artworks, etc.
  • 4.Volunteers, etc. will be dispatched to install artworks at the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu.

* For items 2 to 4, the details of support are subject to change.


Executive Committee of Gifu Land of Clear Waters Art Festival
– Art Award IN THE CUBE (as of June 20, 2022)

The executive committee is responsible for making arrangements necessary to ensure the smooth operation of Art Award IN THE CUBE, including communicating and coordinating with relevant organizations and groups.

Committee PositionOrganization/GroupName
Honorary ChairpersonGifu Prefecture GovernorFURUTA Hajime
AdvisorGifu Prefectural Assembly ChairpersonHIRAIWA Masamitsu
Senior Advisor, Gifu Shimbun Co., Ltd. SUGIYAMA Mikio
ChairpersonGifu Prefecture Art Cultural Conference ChairpersonTSUCHIYA Akiyuki
Vice ChairpersonCitizens' Cultural Bureau, Department of Environmental Affairs & Citizen Support, Gifu Prefectural Government Executive DirectorKAGOHASHI Motoki
Member (In Japanese Phonetic Order) Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd. Gifu Branch ManagerARIGA Nobuhiko
Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu PresidentISHIZAKI Yasuyuki
Gifu International Academy of Horticulture PresidentIMANISHI Yoshitomo
Gifu Prefecture Association of Mayors ChairpersonOZEKI Kenji
Gifuken Chosonkai ChairpersonKINO Takayuki
Art Award IN THE CUBE Planning CommitteeKUWABARA Hiroshi
Chairman and President, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd.SAKAI Toshiyuki
Executive Director, NHK Gifu StationSUZUKI Kaoru
Gifu Foundation for Education and Culture President TAKAGI Toshihiko
Nagoya University of the Arts PresidentTAKEMOTO Yoshiaki
Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu ChairpersonTAJIMA Kazuo
Chairperson, Public Welfare and Environmental Committee, Gifu Prefectural AssemblyNAGAYA Kousei
Director, Museum of Fine Arts, GifuHIBINO Katsuhiko
Gifu Prefectural Board of Education SuperintendentHORI Takao
Chairman and President, The Juroku Bank, Ltd.MURASE Yukio
Gifu International Takumi Academy PresidentMORI Tamotsu
Gifu Shimbun PresidentYAJIMA Kaoru
SupervisorGifu Foundation for Education and Culture Administration and Management Department ManagerYANAGI Tomohito
Gifu Prefecture Accounting Management Department ManagerWATANABE Akiyasu

Steering Committee of Gifu Land of Clear Waters Art Festival (as of October 1, 2022)

The steering committee discusses technical aspects of planning and operation of the AAIC and prefectural open call exhibitions (e.g., Gifu Art Exhibition).

Committee Position Name Organization/Group
Chairperson KANBE Mineo Japanese Art Academy member, Nagoya University of the Arts honorary professor
Member (In Japanese Phonetic Order) USUI Chisato Calligrapher, Gifu World Youth Executive Director
KAKUDA Masako Children Literature Author
KATO Kobei Ceramist
KUWABARA Hiroshi Western-style Painter
TSUCHIYA Akiyuki Gifu Prefectural, Art Cultural Conference president
NAKAI Koji Former Professor, University of the Sacred Heart
HIBINO Katsuhiko Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu
HIROSE Akira Chairperson, Chubu Community Development Association

Planning Committee of Art Award IN THE CUBE (as of October 1, 2022)

The planning committee discusses details of the planning and operation of AAIC (e.g., exhibition theme, exhibition implementation plan, specifications of artworks, judges and selection method, public relations plan) from a professional viewpoint.

Committee Position Name Organization/Group
Chairperson KUWABARA Hiroshi Western-style Painter
Member (In Japanese Phonetic Order) AOKI Masahiro Art Critic
ANDO Yasuhiko Special Part-time Lecturer, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) and Part-time Lecturer, Department of the Arts, School of the Arts, Nagoya University of the Arts, Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts
KASAI Eiji Gifu University Faculty of Education professor
KINUGASA Fumihiko Sculptor, Gifu Shotoku Gakuen Junior College part-time instructor
SATO Masahiro Western-style painter, Gifu University Faculty of Part-time Lecturer
TAKAHASHI Ayako Professor, Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design
HIBINO Katsuhiko Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu
MIWA Masahiro Library Director and Professor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS)