Open Application Requirements

Application qualification
Those who understand the objective of Art Award IN THE CUBE 2020 and, if selected, will work on completing the production of their work in a responsible manner (Both individuals and groups, in any age group, of any nationality are eligible.)
Kioku no Yukue (Where Our Memories Go)
Regulations for works to be submitted etc.
Works that have already been made public are not accepted. Only one work per individual or per group is accepted.
Size and other requirements for a work to be submitted
A work to be submitted must be installed in a cubicle space, measuring 4.8 m (w) x 4.8 m (d) x 3.6 m (h).
Selection fee
¥5,000 (yen) per entry (tax included)
Prize money
    • Grand Prize (one work): ¥5 million (yen)
    • Grand Prize
    • one work
    • Jury Prize: ¥1 million (yen)
    • Jury Prize
    • multiple people
    • Other selected works (about 18 works): ¥500,000 (yen) each
    • Other selected works
    • about 18 works
  • Reception of applications : January 25 (Fri.) 2019 to no later than 17:00, May 13 (Mon.) 2019
  • Primary selection : Early August 2019
  • Preliminary production of exhibits : September 2019–Late March 2020
  • Installation of exhibits : Late March–Early April 2020
  • Secondary selection : Mid-April 2020
  • Exhibition period : April 18 (Sat.)–June 14 (Sun.) 2020: Open for 50 days
  • Removal period : June 16 (Tue.)–June 21 (Sun.) 2020: Six days


Preliminary selection : Early June 2019
Art Award IN THE CUBE Planning Committee members will assess the feasibility of each work in terms of safety, legal issues and other aspects.
Primary selection : Early August 2019
Judges will select winners of the primary stage (about 18 works).
Secondary selection : Mid-April 2020
Judges will select winners of the Grand Prize and Judges’ Prize(s).