Exhibiting Artists

  • Sky and Snail

    URABE Fumito

    1984 Born in Aichi.Based out of Shizuoka

  • WE GO ON


    1979 Born in Philippines.Based out of Kanagawa

  • Ditch of Time

    ONISHI Yasuaki

    1979 Born in Osaka.Based out of Osaka

  • The whereabouts of the hidden “wound”

    ONUKI Hitomi

    1987 Born in Chiba.Based out of Chiba

  • Order in disorder

    KASAHARA Takumi

    1993 Born in Gifu.Based out of Gifu

  • Our dog we don’t know

    KAWASUMI Gakudai

    1992 Born in Aichi.Based out of Saitama

    Toshikatsu Endo Prize

  • Law of conservation of mass


    1965 Born in Aichi.Based out of Kanagawa

    Terunobu Fujimori Prize

  • Phantom container

    TAKAHASHI Rintaro

    1991 Born in Tokyo.Based out of Tokyo

    Takao Kawaguchi Prize

  • Sounds of Memory

    TAKENAKA Miyuki

    1976 Born in Gifu.Based out of Tokyo

    Motoaki Shinohara Prize

  • cloud


    2017 Becomes active as “chuchu”.Based out of Aichi and Kyoto

  • This is 1001

    HASHIMOTO Satoshi

    1954 Born in Kyoto.Based out of Kyoto

  • Artifact 19-2

    HIRATA Masaki

    1981 Born in Toyama.Based out of Toyama

  • SOMETHING GREAT ~Scene of Memory~

    MISHIKU Itaru

    1949 Born in Shizuoka.Based out of Shizuoka and Italy

  • And “The children of the universe” shall confront the “Slightly drunk AI” that they created.

    MORIMOTO Takashi

    1946 Born in Okayama.Based out of Kanagawa

    Tadasu Takamine Prize

  • beclouded, becalmed, belighted

    YASURA Takeshi

    1984 Born in Shiga.Based out of France and Tokyo

  • Stone axe sculpture with stone axe motif


    Based out of Tokyo

    Grand Prize

  • Repeat

    Yuni Hong Charpe

    1981 Born in Tokyo.Based out of France

    Kyoko Murase Prize

  • Light NOW—Right NOW


    2014 Hisaya Kojima’s and Rica Eto’s unit takes the name “W.N.project”.Based out of Aichi

    Shinichi Fukuoka Prize